Pelón Pelo Rico: a Mexican candy icon

Pelón Pelo Rico is one of the most famous commercially available candies in Mexico. Throughout the whole country, there’s no place where kids don’t love this tamarind-flavored sweet with its unique packaging.

Main Container

Pelón Pelo Rico’s design is made up of two parts. The main container, or Part A, contains the product.


You can eat Pelón Pelo Rico all at once, or over the course of several sessions. That’s why we included this practical cover that is easy to place and remove, allowing you to save any remaining treat for the next time you want to enjoy it.


The head of the main container has a reticulated opening where the “medusa” effect of the product oozes out, giving the appearance of caricatured hair.


The supports around the edge of the main container act as a counterweight to push the product toward the head.


The plunger, or Part B, of the Pelón Pelo Rico container pushes the product upward, in tangent with the supports, causing it to escape out the reticulated head.

A tamirind-flavored revolution

More than 30 years ago, Grupo Lorena approached OROX-CO to work on their new concept: Pelón Pelo Rico. Using the ingenuity, creativity and excellent service that we’re known for, we designed and produced the emblematic container that gives this classic Mexican treat its name.

The Pelón Pelo Rico, which works as a dispenser, is fun, practical and the only one of its kind worldwide.

Now a subsidiary of the The Hershey Comapny, Pelón Pelo Rico has diversified the ways you can eat it, with each of these unique containers developed by the OROX-CO team.

Other solutions

In addition to the traditional Pelón Pelo Rico 35 g container, OROX-CO also developed a larger 100 g version as well as a smaller 15 g one. We also worked with Grupo Lorena to manufacture the container for Pelón Pelonetes.