Since 1985

Excellence in plastics

For more than 30 years, we’ve been developing and perfecting new production and printing techniques for reusable plastics for different industries, always putting health and safety first.

Our innovation, creativity, adaptability and turn-around time has opened doors to markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as countries in Latin America.

Certified Quality

We meet and exceed high standards of quality, hygiene and safety, only offering the best for your business and your brand.

Our Values

When you choose us as a partner, you’re choosing a company driven by the highest values and standards, committed to meeting all your needs, as well as the needs of your clients and consumers.


We have a strict health and safety policy for each and every one of the plastic products in our catalogue. All raw materials are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico.


No matter what reusable plastic product you choose – whether it’s from our existing catalogue or one that we create from scratch especially for your brand – you’ll have the longest durability, best printing quality and most advanced technology.


We’re always hunting for the next big breakthrough in plastic products. Our research and development team implements cutting edge science and technology to create the best, most innovative products that meet our clients’ needs.


We seek to create new plastic contains and products that give your customers a new way to enjoy your brand. We have a creative and innovative design team prepared to make new possibilities a reality.


We’re committed to delivering products on time that meet your every plastic and printing need, always at the highest quality on the market.


We know that this generation is the one that will determine humanity’s future on Earth and we put all of our brainpower and resources into creating innovative plastic solutions that are environmentally friendly because they degrade effectively.

Biodegradable Solutions

We offer reusable plastics made with OROX Green: a material developed with the latest scientific advances. When it encounters organic material, OROX Green degrades naturally without harming the environment.


To offer excellence in the production of plastic containers for the food industry that are safe, functional and durable, through innovative concepts and advanced technology all of which contribute to the commercial success of our clients’ products. We build loyalty through excellent customer service.


Our vision is to be the top plastic container producer in the food industry, promoting our employees’ professional development and giving our clients competitive services and solutions within regulatory frameworks, driving profitable growth and protecting the environment.


We’re an organization that focuses on transparent development. We are committed to satisfying our clients and providers’ needs, based on collaborative efforts and leadership. We support our team’s growth and well-being, and use cutting edge technology to create and develop high-quality products that ensure an attractive return on investment for shareholders and constant expansion of our operations, thus making us a leading and socially responsible company.